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Practical information


There are a great number of apartments and rooms for rent.  Information on lodgings can be obtained in konobas (taverns) and restaurants in Perast.

Villa Milinovic – It is situated right on the waterfront in the center of Perast.  It has 9 rooms, offering 20 beds.  Each room is comfortably furnished (bathroom, TV, air conditioning, telephone, and a mini bar).  In addition, it offers 3 completely furnished apartments with a total of eight beds.


Konoba “Otok Bronza” – It is a restaurant in the traditional style of Boka Kotorska.  It is situated in the house of the old noble family, the  Bronza.  Otok Bronza offers a rich menu of Mediterranean cuisine and local specialties along with a wide choice of quality vines. Welcome and enjoy in the serenity and atmosphere imbued with the spirit of maritime history of baroque Perast!    

Konoba MilinovicIt can be found in a villa facing the sea. It offers diverse food of the Mediterranean and traditional cuisine, with an excellent selection of beverages.

Konoba “Skolji”It is situated on the waterfront by the road in the center of Perast.  It offers accommodation, as well as dining.  It has a rich menu of traditional and Mediterranean cuisine, fresh fish and seafood. A very pleasant stay is offered in an atmosphere enriched by Mediterranean music.    

Restaurant Conte – It is located in the center of Perast on the waterfront.  In authentic surroundings, Conte offers a wide range of fish specialties and other seafood, as well as dishes of both local and European cuisine. The spacious terrace features a wonderful view of the Verige strait enhancing your dining experience. 

Cafe Bar – It can be found in the area of Pencic, near the mandrac, it offers all types of coffee, juices, other drinks, cakes, sandwiches and ice creams.  It is open throughout a year. 

Pizzeria “Dardin” – It is situated at the center of Perast and occupies the park and ground floor of the palace Brajkovic – Martinovic.  It offers a wide selection of pizzas, snacks and pastries.

Pirate Bar – It is situated on the beach in Pencic, on the western side of the town.  It features a wonderful view of the Verige strait.  A light breeze gives it freshness and offers a pleasant stay.  It is open 24 hours a day and has beach chairs and showers.  Besides alcohol and non-alcohol drinks, it offers ice creams and local food, ham and cheese, etc.       


There is a well-organized boat transport to the island of Our Lady of the Rock.  The boats are taken at “ponte” (quays).

Perast is situated in the inner part of the Gulf of Kotor, opposite the Verige straight.  It can be accessed via the airport in Tivat, by bus or by car. 

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